Untitled for You

Deep, deep, deep in illustrious ember

The aura of your love lingers

On my skin soft with sweat

Passion in its purest form evident.


The more our souls continue to meet

In random hours of days fleet.

I'll hold on tightly to your truth

For time reveals the beauty of you.


Deep, deep , deep my heart aches seeking

The tempo of desire sweetens in the making. 

In my song my body lights a flame 

The heat of your nature boundlessly claims. 


Confirmed fantasies long dismissed

Redeems a chance of what we never knew we missed. 


Deep, deep, deep our imperfections compose

The greatest symphony of two star crossed wrongs

Together makes the grief dissipate 

Bring a joy as new as morning haze. 

We the beautiful young ones 

Will recall innate beliefs

Honor the time our halfs complete.


Deep, deep, deep your warmth bewilders 

The coldest spaces where my heartache blisters

 Let the brightest spot of our magic gleam 

Until the sun darkens into eternity.


Jay Maisel (Harlem 1950s)

Jay Maisel (Harlem 1950s)