Grandma's Foresight

Grandma told me about you.

The man who would appear in my life and move

Emotions like furniture that decorated your life.

She said that some would create a beauty while others caused strife.


Grandma cautioned that you were a rare wonder.

That I would behold your face and witness a soulful thunder.

You might not be the man some women saw befitting

But my eyes couldn’t resist that “natural” submitting.


She would grin at the memory of your monarch.

And speak of the time when you revealed your heart.

I’d swear it was light only shaded,

My vision jaded just to keep you in my favor.


Grandma said that I might feel chained.

Then one day, I would begin to feel an itch on my back.

When it bothered me long enough

I would get the courage to look in the mirror.

And see that the itch were my wings coming through

Reminding me that I was free.


 Grandma would glee over the fact that though your persuasion was heavy,

My halo did not break so easily.

I’m sure she cried about the hurt I felt while they mended.

And prayed for my love’s resilience.


She warned time and pain would never dissipate my feelings.

But when the creator blessed me another

My heart would be willing.


The sweetness of your kiss

Potent on my skin persist.

But I would wear you with the bliss of a memory bittersweet.


Oh how I wish I could go to her now and cry at her knees.

She would cajole me and stoke my hair ever so tenderly.

Hum a song passed down song to reprise my youth.

While I trying to be strong,  trying to hide the tears of you.


Grandma knew and wiped those tears clean through.

Knowing her love and wisdom helped healed your truth.


Yes, Grandma would smile at my sorrow.

And remind me that though you disappeared today

The heavens never stopped working for tomorrow.

And in a few hours would be another dawn.


Sometimes life seemed funnier than ever,

Even when we missed the joke.

That humorous old God of ours smiles all the time

Already made a man for you

Equally yoked.